The Best Family Activities near Ocean City, MD

We love Ocean City for it’s wide, beautiful beaches and soft white sand. But we also like that Worcester (and neighboring Wicomico) County offers so much more (especially when we’ve become lobsters in the sun and need some alternate activities for a few hours!) Here are a few of our favorites.

1.) Ride the Boardwalk Tram

The Ocean City Boardwalk is 27 blocks long, so it’s a pretty far hike if you want to check out the whole thing. A nice leisurely ride on the tram is fun and relaxing. We sometimes use it to lull the baby fall asleep. Look for beautiful sand sculptures and brilliant kites in front of the Kite Loft on 6th St.

2.) See the Horses at Assateague National Seashore

Although wildlife is unpredictable, the chances are pretty good that you will see some horses if you visit the national seashore. If you go to the beach there, you may even see them enter the water for a little cool-down. You’re likely to find them strolling along the side of the roadway into the park in little groups with their foals, or even chilling in the parking lot. Watch out for plops. The trails are short and pretty as well, and sometimes you can see the tiny deer that live in the park. You will certainly see plenty of birds. One of my favorite memories from the park is noticing a spattering of pinkish-white wild hibiscus, and looking up beyond it at a tree just covered with big brilliant white birds – I think they were egrets or herons.

3.) Watch the Sunset over the Bay at Assateague State Park

We are not early risers, but lucky for us, we don’t have to go all the way to the west coast to see the sun sitting over the water. The bay is just as lovely. Assateague National Seashore costs $20 per vehicle and the state park costs $5 per person (free for under ten years old).

4.) Rent a Bike and Go for a Morning Ride

You can bike on the boardwalk from 2AM (but remember, it’s still illegal to drink and drive a bike) to noon. We rented a 4 peddler for $35 for our family of 6 this year and we all had a great time. Except for the 8 year old, who decided she wanted her OWN bike. Well, you can’t please everybody.

5.) See a Show at Frontier Town

We’ve never stayed here, or visited the waterpark. The ropes course looks cool but seems to be closed. BUT, there are free shows throughout the day, and they are really fun. You can watch Native American dances in the “Indian Village” area and the Texas Trick Riders close out the day at 7PM. It’s also fun to wander around the “Old West” and maybe get an ice cream at the Saloon or visit the farm animals.

6.) Visit Inlet Park and the Lifesaving Museum

Park for $3.50/hour at the Inland Parking Lot and look out onto the jetty, see some record-setting fish on the end of the boardwalk, take a photo with the giant anchor, or visit the Lifesaving Museum for $3 per person. It costs a dollar to go all the way out onto the fishing peer just past the museum, and there are always plenty of fishermen, if you like the camaraderie. There are also tons of locks on the railings, if you are the romantic type. Of, just come for the view and to watch the seabirds and look for dolphins.

View from the fishing pier – Ocean City, MD

7.) Visit the Salisbury Zoo

This is a cute little zoo with plenty of shade. Not a ton of animals, but a super nice playground with a sandy toddler area. This year they have bear cubs. Admission is free, though donations are appreciated.

8) Ride the Rides at the Top of the Boardwalk

There is a ride for everyone at Ocean City. There are two areas – the Jolly Roger that is next to the fishing pier and Trimpers that is just across the boardwalk from the pier. They both have carousels and that is the extent that my stomach can handle so I will withhold comments about the remaining rides, except to say that my kids enjoy them!

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