Fox Point State Park

Fox Point is a relatively small park in an industrial area just off of I-495 along the Delaware River near New Castle and Wilmington.

Interestingly, it is built on the site of major pollution due to oil refineries and other industries built in the early 1900s upstream along the river, along with waste from the nearby railroad. In the 1970s, efforts were made to clean up the area and a liner was implemented to keep hazardous material from re-polluting the river or harming wildlife or people. It is now covered with vegetation and home to birds and other creatures.

The park offers a playground, restroom facilities and picnic tables. It is free in the winter and like other state parks, costs $4 for an in-state vehicle to enter or $8 for out of state.

For transportation enthusiasts, it is a nice place to watch ships from around the world along the river, and trains rush by on the tracks opposite. It is part of the Delaware Greenway and the trail is flat and paved.

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