Is There Enough Family Fun in Atlantic City to Take my Kids?

The short answer is: Yes! While Atlantic City is generally more known for it’s “adult fun,” (and we’ve had some great times watching concerts, dancing at nightclubs, and visiting the casinos), there are plenty of family attractions to enjoy as well!

In many places, kids are not allowed in Casinos as a rule, but the casinos in AC also function as eateries, hotels, and shopping establishments, so children can stroll through them, as long as they don’t stop at any tables and start gambling (obviously).

Our Mexican-American family loves el sabor Latino at the Havanna-inspired Quarter, where you can find good things to eat at a variety of restaurants that are suitable for the whole family. And not only do adults find the festive atmosphere and tropical décor fun and exciting, but kids do too! They are interested in the extravagant look of the casinos, and it’s fun to walk and drive around pointing out gaudy statues and over-the-top signage and lighting.

Of course, the boardwalk is a great place for such a stroll, as well as the beach itself, which is wide with soft white sand. Even if it’s not warm enough to swim, who doesn’t enjoy a walk on the beach and their feet in the sand? In addition, the steel pier is one of the oldest amusement parks in the area, and the Ferris wheel is open on weekends year round (though most of the rides close in the off season.)

At the north end of the boardwalk, a little past the Steel Pier, you’ll find a playground and next to it, the Absecon Lighthouse, which offers tours for a small fee. Though dwarfed by the giant hotels of Atlantic City, this is actually one of the tallest lighthouses in the USA, and it’s quite picturesque and includes interesting historic information about how lighthouses were kept in the past.

There are also some pretty natural areas near to Atlantic City, including Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge and Birch Grove Park, if you’d like to get away and enjoy some peace just outside of Atlantic City.

Finally, for a quainter stop along the way in or out of Atlantic City, Historic Smithville is an interesting retail area (not actually a historical town, though many of the buildings are restored historic buildings, and all of them are quite unique!) that hosts various events throughout the year. They have Christmas lights and train rides in December, a visit from the Easter Bunny and Carousel rides in spring, car shows, antique shows and a pleasant lake and walkway. The shops and bed and breakfasts are very appealing and cute, and offer something quite different from what you find in Atlantic City. We think it’s worth a visit, and one of the reasons Atlantic City works as a fun, family getaway (even off season)!

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