Where Can I Find Cherry Blossoms in the Mid-Atlantic Region?

As early as February, you will find blooming trees throughout the mid-Atlantic states, which tend to peak in the later weeks of March and the beginning of April. (We think this will happen early this year as it has been such a mild winter!) These are a few of our favorite spots to view the cherry trees and other spring blooms in the region.

The Tidal Basin and Surrounding Areas

Of course the most famous place in the area to view cherry trees is at the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC. But you will also find cherry trees throughout much of the area, near the Washington Monument, around the capital, and also around the National Arboretum. And if you’re in the area and interested in beautiful flowers, you should also check out the free and lovely U.S. Botanic Garden, also on the capital grounds and close to the national mall. The Arlington Cemetery in nearby Arlington, VA and the Kenwood neighborhood of Bethesda, MD are also full of cherry trees and very near to DC.

Cherry Blossom Festivals/Cities

There is an annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Long Branch Park in Essex County, NJ. The park is in the midst of the city of Newark, and often crowded, but it is very spacious with playgrounds and numerous attractions, in addition to tons of cherry trees. The Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia also hosts an annual cherry blossom festival, or you can find plenty of blossoms in NYC in Central Park, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, or numerous other parts of the city.

Away from the Crowds

For a quieter scene and potentially earlier views, look to the south and visit Meadowlark Botanical Garden in northern Virginia. View the gardens for a small fee, take beautiful pictures near the bridge while enjoying the cherry blossoms, and walk a quiet woodland path and look for spring wildflowers.

Another lesser known but beautiful park for cherry trees is Brandywine Park in Wilmington, DE. The park is next to the Brandywine River, and the Brandywine Zoo is just across the street. The zoo is small, just a loop really, but the space offers a good home for the animals and is perfect for young children and families that come to view the cherry trees. Visit nearby Longwood Gardens just over the border in PA to see a plethora and great variety of beautiful blooms (in any season!)

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