Savor your Trips – Improve your Health

Savor is defined as “to taste (good food or drink) and enjoy it completely.”

In the world of mental health, savoring is used to describe intentionally enjoying something pleasant before, during and after it occurs, which gives your mental health a boost. This is one of the reasons I write this blog!

For me, going someplace I’ve never been is such a joy. It doesn’t have to be far away. It can even be a place I’ve been to a few times, but don’t see very often. It can be a week’s vacation or a weekend day trip. Any trip will do!

But it’s not just about going on the trip. Travel planning is almost as fun for me as actually traveling! I love researching a city or town and all the attractions around it, making an itinerary, and even figuring out costs and packing. These “chores” don’t feel like chores because of the anticipation of doing something fun and out of the ordinary day-to-day.

Being in a new environment causes us to notice things that we may not notice during our regular routine. Suddenly you are attune to the plants and birds in the area, the way the sun hits the trees, the architecture around you. This brings us into the present moment and helps to dispel our daily worries or boredom for a time. It also gets us out of doors, and moving. These are all good things for our health.

Afterwards, we go through our pictures. We share all about our adventures with friends and family, on social channels, or on blogs like this one. We may recount them in travel journals, scrap books or photo albums. In this way, we relive the experience and enjoy it all over again. This is savoring, and it’s good for you. So keep up the trips, and don’t forget to savor them!

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