Road Trip through Eastern Maryland

The eastern half of Maryland is known for it’s maritime culture and delicious crab dinners. It’s full of beautiful places to visit in any season, but summertime on the water is especially lovely here. Along the Atlantic – Visit Assateague and Ocean City These are two of our favorite beaches to visit. In Ocean City,Continue reading “Road Trip through Eastern Maryland”

Family Travel to Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a great place to visit with small kids. While small children near giant waterfalls may feel a little nerve-wracking, the barriers around the falls are safe, so it’s actually pretty easy to keep them from trying to find a barrel and rolling on down. Other pros: The falls themselves, obviously, are beautifulContinue reading “Family Travel to Niagara Falls”

The Southern Jersey Shore

It’s no secret that the Jersey Shore is a popular and happening destination, but we have found everything from quiet, picturesque beaches to coastal education centers, peaceful little towns to bustling boardwalks and everything in between along the southern coast of New Jersey. We return there year after year and always find new, fun thingsContinue reading “The Southern Jersey Shore”

How to Travel with Kids

After about a decade of traveling with kids, I feel pretty confident and stress-free most of the time.  That doesn’t mean we don’t have our moments.  Remember not to expect a perfect trip, perfectly behaved children, or photo-worthy moments every moment.  But good planning with plenty of flexibility can help keep you from feeling utterlyContinue reading “How to Travel with Kids”